Products for Non-Ferrous Tube Manufacturing

GP-Si3N4 Products for Aluminium & Super alloys foundries applications. GP-Si3N4 silicon nitride is one of the best advanced ceramic material.  The benefits using this material for non–ferrous molten metal handling are:

Benefits using GP-Si3N4 Products for Aluminium & Super Alloys Foundries Applications

  • Exceptional high temperature and heat capability
  • Excellent corrosion resistant properties
  • Excellent thermal shock properties
  • High strength, toughness and thermal conductivity
  • Non-wetting for most non–ferrous molten metals
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Less down time and Longer life

Products-Components Photos

    GP-Si3N4 Foundries Product description:

    JAI Engineers UK Limited design, develop and manufacture all kinds of GP-Si3N4 gas pressure sintering silicon nitride various products for molten aluminium & Super alloys molten metals applications such as:

    • ISO Pressed various sizes of Thermocouple Sheaths for measuring accurate temperature
    • Riser tubes for aluminium wheel manufacturing
    • Heater Protection Tubes for protecting Heaters for holding Furnaces
    • De-Gassing Rotor and Shafts
    • Valve Rods and Valve Seats for controlling molten metal flow
    • We also manufacture components from GP-Si3N4 according to customer drawings

    Technical Properties for GP-Si3N4 Advanced Ceramics:

    Flexural strength: >800 Mpa
    Compression strength: >1500Mpa
    Porosity: 0%
    Density: >3.3g/cm3
    Hardness(HRA): >92
    Mohs’ hardness: >9
    Max working temp: 1400℃ in air, 1800℃ in N2 air
    Si3N4 content: >92%
    Thermal conductivity: 16~24W/mK
    Thermal expansion coefficient: 3.2 (RT-1000℃)
    Resistivity: >1010Ω

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