Background & Objectives

  • Our track record is in providing advanced solutions to most difficult problems in high tech industries replacing with our high-tech advanced ceramics precision components and products
  • We are one of the handfuls of companies worldwide specializing in the development and manufacturer of products with complex shapes for the most challenging applications
  • We develop high tech precision products offering exceptional performance for use in various
    industrial applications. The company also generates sub-assemblies to ‘plug-in and use’ –
    offering customers less down time, increased productivity and reduction in costs
  • On Foundries application, Molten metal dosing & Metering Pump is being developed with other foundry products

For further information on advanced products, please download the brochure (with photos) below:

Download Brochure (pdf)


Our precision products has been working very well in the applications of very high temperature, hard wearing, lightweight, non-contaminating with excellent chemical resistance & thermal shock and offer enhanced electrical and thermal insulation properties in following Industries

  • Nuclear Power Stations: High temperature Tubes, E-Bows, Plates, Chemical resistance & Insulating products
  • Automotive: Tappet Shims, Cam Rollers, Welding Pins, Ceramic Bearings, Gears, Pump parts etc.
  • Aerospace: Small turbine rotor blade, Fixture for brazing Turbine Blades, High temperature & hard wearing insulating products
  • Non-ferrous & Ferrous Foundries – Thermocouple Sheath, Riser Tubes, De-gassing Shaft with Rotor, Heater protection    tubes, Valve Rods, Valve Seat, Filters, High temperatureInsulating products, Launders, Chemical Industries: Chemical Pump’s Mechanical Seals and related products
  • Oil-gas Industries: Mud-pump sleeves, pistons, Plungers & Liners
  • Tubes  Manufacturing:  From  Copper,  Aluminium,  Brass  and  Steel  tubes’  Extruding  & Drawing dies, Squeeze Rollers, Bearings etc. Down & Pouring Spout, Stopper Rods, Launder, Burner stone, Baffles etc. for Continuous Casting of Copper Billets
  • Measuring  Styluses:  Precision  measuring  various  Styluses,  Rods,  Balls  etc.  for  CMM measuring Machines
  • Induction  &  Gas  Furnaces:    High  temperature  insulation  and  lining  for  various  high temperature furnaces, Gas burner, Support Beams etc.
  • Gas Analysers: S.S Parts, High temperature burners, Insulating products, Gas Filters and related products
  • Surface Technology: Excellent Quality shot blasting, Shot peening Nozzles from B4C-Boron Carbide, Si3N4- Silicon Nitride, SiC- Silicon Carbide, Al2O3 – Aluminium Oxide. 99.7% White and 96% Brown Blasting Grits, and all consumable related products

Pumping Technologies

Currently, working on developing one of the most advanced and fully closed “Molten Metal Transportation-Dosing System” for high pressure die-casting application to handle non-ferrous metals including super alloys non-ferrous molten metals up to 1,000°C+.

Message from MD

Advanced ceramics & our related advanced products outperform various harden and tungsten carbide metals in so many ways in the high tech industries and the foundries applications. What we bring to industry is a way of exploiting these exceptional qualities of advanced products to offer longer life and improved productivity

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